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Yahoo Games
This is where I go for Fun. You will most likely find me in the LITERATI room. It is online Scrabble
E - Bay
Online auctions. Buy anything, Sell anything.
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If you haven't got it, GET it.If you have it my # is 91591114
Cardata's Showroom
Awesome pictures of any make or model of cars, BMW, AUDI..... Also gives you Prices.
CNN News
Get caught up on all of the current events.
Guiness Book of World Records
See it, Believe it...
Edwin Watts Proshop
Buy all of your golfing needs on the internet.
Electrotank Games
Awesome Mini Golf Game Here!
Happy Puppy
Cheats, downloads and more
Emeril Legace
Ready to Kick it up?????
Prince George Cougars
Official website. Find out who is being drafted and who is playing.
Kill Frog
Interesting cartoons
Tiger Woods Homepage
I dare say that he is (or will be) the most Popular Athlete of all time
Ty Tryon
The PGA Tour's Youngest Golfer Yet!

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Pll's Hompg뇆

Welcome to my homepage, I hope you enjoy your visit.

Please fill out this Simple Form and let me know what you think.

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As you can see my page is still growing, slowly but surely, I will get there eventually.

Click here to see a page of links to my Friends.

One of my favorite pages is not a site that any one of you have ever visited, it is a site that I designed for my best friend Mark.

This is the one thing I have devoted my life to, I will keep this site running as long as I have a computer.

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Another thing I am dedicating my life to is Golf. With the experience I gained from Camden Braes, I think I am ready to push forward with my carreer as a Head Professional. I am hoping to study under one of the Head Professionals at either Aberdeen Glen Golf & C.C. or The Prince George Golf & Curling Club.

Hopefully this upcoming year I will be able to do my Playing Ability test. When I make the Play-in, I will be able to start my schooling. I can not wait to go to school and with any luck I will be able to play on the Varsity Golf Team.

I feel that golf is a profession that I will not only excel at, but will also be able to teach others the fundamentals of the game. I think I will be most satisfied when one of my students thanks me for helping them learn how to play the game.

Here is a photo taken by Me, of Camden Braes Golf & C.C. A place where I was fortunate enough to be employed at for 3 Marvelous years. If you get a chance, go out and say Hello to my good friends in the proshop. You will enjoy the course. It is not only Challenging, but Fair. Everything you want in a golf course. Not to mention the Staff is second to none! You will be treated like you are one of the family, I know I was.

I think I have talked enough about myself, so I will let you go, Have fun and enjoy my site. If there is anything else you want to see on my page, please don't hesitate to E-mail me.

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